Data Science Academy

Everything you need to know about data science in manufacturing 

The EyUp Data Science Academy introduces manufacturers to everything they need to know to start applying data science to their operations. 

With the skills and knowledge acquired, graduates will be able to take advantage of data insights from their own factories and help employers to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Cut energy use
  • Reduce waste 
  • Become even more competitive. 

Our accredited training course is a partnership with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. 

AMRC Data Cloud

The Data Science Academy will help manufacturers to make the most of exceptional new tools and technologies available at the new AMRC Data Cloud. 

This is cutting-edge new infrastructure created by:

  • WANdisco plc, the Sheffield and Silicon Valley-based data software company
  • The University of Sheffield 
  • Databricks 
  • Microsoft

Course Stats

How Long?

20 days of tuition over 6 weeks



Read all about it!

We believe the EyUp Data Science Academy and the AMRC Data Cloud present a historic opportunity for UK manufacturers. 

Read our comment piece in The Times by David Richards, CEO of WANdisco, and Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield.

They say: “We want to give UK manufacturers access to world-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and technologies to drive economic growth.”

Produce bilingual talent

Our six-week course will equip industry practitioners who have some familiarity with programming environments with the skills and knowledge to introduce data science techniques to their organisations. 

The academy aims to produce ‘bilingual’ talent: employees who understand both data science and the inner workings of manufacturing.

Graduates gain the following: 

  • High-level understanding of data science techniques and the ability to assess their applicability in manufacturing environments
  • Familiarity with the requirements for the acquisition and use of data that be processed by platforms providing machine learning capabilities 
  • Experience of an end-to-end scenario that employs the AMRC Data Cloud and its data science techniques. 

Data Science 101

The EyUp Data Science Academy includes three modules:

1. Data Science 101 introduces participants to industrial data science and programming basics, the data science workflow and how to understand, store and visualise data. 

2. Advanced Analytics Techniques in Manufacturing introduces participants to the preparation of data for machine learning, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, unstructured data and evaluating the success of machine learning algorithms. 

3. Application of Data Science gives participants the opportunity to focus on relevant data scenarios in their own businesses. 


Gain competitive advantage

The AMRC Data Cloud gives smaller UK manufacturers access to world-leading computing capabilities to accelerate their digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage. 

Benefits for users include predictive maintenance of manufacturing processes and in-life product operations, improved forecasting abilities for yields, supply chain errors, energy consumption and demand, automated quality testing, enhanced product design and optimised transport and logistics.

Why you should sign up 

Industry leaders acknowledge that British manufacturing faces a productivity challenge. 

Brexit, Covid lockdowns and the war in Ukraine have put substantial pressure on supply chains. Faster adoption of automation and robotics could address some of these issues but to date, uptake has been slow. 

The EyUp Data Science Academy can be the catalyst for change. With energy bills rising to previously unimaginable levels, the status quo cannot be sustained.

Data science expertise is in strong demand in industries across the world. 

The EyUp Data Science Academy will provide the ideal environment for UK manufacturers to rapidly acquire and grow fundamental skills and knowledge needed to understand and apply data science. 

  • Boost productivity
  • Cut energy use
  • Reduce waste 
  • Become even more competitive.

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